Musing on music

Sure, music’s a lot of fun. And the convergence of computers with music has certainly been interesting so far. Take MP3s, for example. I thought the connection
with Suzanne Vega
was fascinating (thanks to King for the forward – link broken now, but discussed the influence of Suzanne Vega on the actual coding of the MP3 standard). Ok, ok, so I thought all along that the song was “Tom Steiner.” (The first time I heard it was when my friend puppetmaster Dianne was singing it for me and — no surprise — I misunderstood.) Kinda like how “I Lost You To Monty” turned out to be “I Want You
To Want Me.” And “I Loved You In Evita” is actually “Love In An Elevator.” Oh well.

Speaking of music, the Susan Werner interview is set for Wednesday after her sound check at Riverbend. This is part of the material I plan to use for a documentary I’m putting together concerning — surprise — music. I intend to use a similar narrative style to the Noteworthy mini-series I produced back in 1991 (eschewing a script or even a straight-line narrative, it resembles a spiral staircase in how it circles around the subject until you either get dizzily nauseous or you get to where you were going.) I thought about using the name “Noteworthy,” but perhaps that’s tied to the earlier series too much. Today I’m considering the title “From Within” (domains already taken, though) or, just maybe, “Spiral Stair.” The footage I already have in the can includes hammer dulcimer performances (Dan Landrum), singer-songwriter acoustic set (Mark Hall), interesting band (substructure with David Bird), rehearsals from the opera Madame Butterfly, and various interviews. It occurred to me last week to include Susan (seemed like a natural idea). I’d like to hit percussion (hee hee), perhaps a drum circle or some similar event. And a dancer or dancers, interpreting music. Maybe the local group Flannery. Might grab some stuff from the Mountain Opry. (Wonder if Kevn is hanging around Atlanta?) Once I reach some critical mass of footage, I’ll edit it all together into a tidy hour-long documentary for distribution to all the public television stations in the country. Three a.m. Nebraska, here I come.

Btw, I love the Onion.
And Trailervision is entertaining, too.


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