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  • Summer 2007 pictures

    Here are some assorted pictures from the last couple weeks. From Nightfall, to Rock City, to Beaver Nelson, and even a collapsing building… nice times with friends.

  • Who Fest 2007

    Pictures from Who Fest 2007 I wandered into Renaissance Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, checking out some folk art.

  • Dan’s Dulcimer and Dancing

    Last night at the Tivoli Theatre here in Chattanooga, Dan Landrum was rehearsing for the 2006 Singing Christmas Tree. Here’s one of his original songs, accompanied by ballet dancers, that I videotaped for him:

  • Day #13,880

    Well, I made it to Day #13,880! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach that milestone. I put together a little video (one of my first forays into the world of high definition) of a related get-together; you can find it here or click on the thumbnail picture. Here’s looking forward to 13,881! Or, dare…

  • Red Bank Jubilee & Foster Falls

    This weekend was two days of Adventure. First, the annual Red Bank Jubilee and its accompanying parade on Saturday, and then hiking and camping at Foster Falls with Carl and Jim. Great fun! Click on the thumbnail for pictures.

  • Pancake Day 2006

    Happy Pancake Day! Well, last Tuesday, anyway. I helped celebrate this English tradition once again at the home of Ken & Carla Pritchard. Click on the thumbnail for the gallery of pictures. Also, I’ve compressed and uploaded the music documentary I put together way back in 2000. Enjoy! However, keep in mind that it is…

  • Pancake Day 2005

    Happy Pancake Day! It’s so early this year, I know. A fun time was had celebrating PCD at Carla & Kenny’s current home; I was able to pitch in with my pancake-making skills (pushing out around three dozen on the hot skillets). Pictures available “soon”.

  • On the road to Tybee Island!

    I’m on the road to Tybee Island for my annual beach trip…in fact this is posted as I ride in the back seat of my CRV… Shannon is driving very well and we’re about an hour from Savannah right now. (this treo 300 comes in handy)

  • Dan’s death match

    I found my buddy Dan engaged in training for the Riverbend Challenge (what I refer to as “Dan’s Death Match”) at the Climbing Wall at Coolidge Park. I’m accustomed to being taller than Dan, so I gave the Wall a shot, myself (Pictures). Thanks to whats-her-name for belaying me, thus preventing a deadly plummet.

  • Jim & Carl & Nightfall

    On Wednesday my buddy Jim Guthrie passed through town; we went to watch “A Carl Miller Performance” over at St. Andrews Methodist Church (literally in the shadow of Highland Park Baptist Church). And last night I went to the second night of NightFall, featuring Ellis Hook and the always-entertaining cavalcade of friends and acquaintances that…

  • Pictures and Sagas

    Just posted some assorted pictures, including The Saga Of My Improved Mailbox; Lydia’s Wedding; Dinner at Madeline & Brian’s; and Hiking to Snooper’s Rock on Sunday at Prentice Cooper State Park.

  • Wally and Shannon, now married!

    My friends Wally Edmondson and Shannon Moore are now husband and wife. I have pictures to prove it! Hurrah for the happy couple!

  • My New Year’s Eve Party

    Thanks to all for coming. Hope y’all had fun! There are pictures available.

  • Christmas Carolling

    Following in tradition of years past, Carla & Kenny/Kenneth/Sir Ken Pritchard had a combination Christmas Party/Birthday Party for their son Cameron. In addition to tasty treats and fun chats, most of us from the party went carolling by the light of candles, wandering down Fair St (and some of Berkely) singing Christmas Carols to the…

  • Taking the pulse

    Tonight I had fun hanging out with the staff of the Chattanooga Pulse – the new weekly paper that debuted only a couple weeks ago! I salute Zach, Mike, Bill, and Eric for taking the leap of faith and making their dream real. Check it out – racks of Pulses are more and more places…

  • The Office Party

    Last night some friends gathered at my house to watch the entire first season of the hit British comedy “The Office.” It was a lot of fun – in addition to chatting with each other and watching 6 episodes back-to-back and eating fish and chips, I even had a drawing for a couple office prizes:…

  • Danni!

    I went to see my friend Dan Landrum in concert with Yanni last night in Nashville. I enjoyed the show – amazing lighting, interesting music (especially the solo performances). I was sitting in the row with Diane Fish of WSMC, Carla & Kenny and Kenny’s sister Caroline, Madeline & Brian, and a few thousand other…

  • Trish’s favorite song

    It’s good to see that Trish has a new musical passion: Check it out!

  • La Boheme

    I made it to & through the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera‘s performance of La Boheme Saturday night. Best of all, Trish and Harv came back to town this past weekend for a quick visit from DC! It was great to see them again; next month I’ll be returning the favor when I travel to Washington…

  • Dan’s world tour

    Looks like my buddy Dan Landrum is having a good time playing hammer dulcimer on Yanni’s World Tour! Check out his web site for updates on his surviving & thriving. He’s very talented (and naturally a Mac user), so it’s good to see him getting recognition. Get a CD. Or a dozen!

  • Pancake Day 2003

    Well, another Pancake Day has come and gone! I enjoyed the celebration hosted last night by Kenny and Carla Pritchard, my near-neighbors. I even learned to cook a crepe, and was then given the opportunity to create a few dozen of them. Good times.

  • Musing on music

    Sure, music’s a lot of fun. And the convergence of computers with music has certainly been interesting so far. Take MP3s, for example. I thought the connection with Suzanne Vega was fascinating (thanks to King for the forward – link broken now, but discussed the influence of Suzanne Vega on the actual coding of the MP3 standard). Ok,…

  • Riverbend 2000 + Carmina

    Riverbend has begun. I’m looking forward to seeing Susan Werner perform on Wednesday (and perhaps get an interview with her for my ever-continuing music documentary). Here I am with Susan back in 1995. I’ve started working again on my Community Communication Project. Perhaps I can go ahead and change human society in my free time. And here is the…