To catch y’all up on some artistic backlog… I worked on some sculptures in clay back in the fall (1999) and spring (2000).

The big bone-looking thing is supposed to be, well, a big bone. (Our model was from a cow, probably a leg or jaw or something.)




My main project this spring was making something similar
to a human head. In the background you can see the live model, and yes,
she did survive. The clay is still in the process of drying out on this 70-pound clump of dirt; hopefully by August or September it will be fired in a kiln, ready for display in my gallery.

Special thanks go to my teacher, the talented artist Lee
Deigaard, who made tracks to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor a couple weeks ago to teach art.

In other news, I learned about several community ventures at the Virtual Organization of Chattanooga meeting on Friday (more on the CCP page).
And my interview with Susan Werner was great (more on the documentary page).


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