1999 web site
web site circa 1999

Yes, I’ve finally begun a renewal of my web site. (Y’know, once a year or so <grin>). So far today I’ve laid the groundwork for the past section. Later this week, more work on present and future. I’m expecting to make available an ongoing journal of my upcoming trip to San Francisco for New Year’s (each day’s excitement, or lacking that, each day from my perspective).

I’m getting ready to head out to see “Being John Malkovich” (possibly with my friends Trish, Emily, Harv, and others, depending on who shows up). Perhaps a review will appear here afterwards.

Looks like a busy week ahead. Monday night is a family dinner with my cousins (the Chambers) over in Soddy-Daisy. Thanksgiving in Atlanta with my mom. And, oh yes, updating my web page..



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