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  • The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    Once again I’ve dismantled and re-mantled my personal website (named “pluckey’s web” since the earliest incarnation back in the mid-1990s). This time, I’m going all-in with WordPress (currently version 6.4.2) running on a hosted server up there in the clouds. So far, so good! Of course, it’s a work in progress, and there’s still a…

  • New revised website

    Motivated  by Concentric Network Solutions’ closing of Chattanooga Online at the end of May 2011 (and thus the shuttering of the webspace I’d been using since, oh, 1995), I made the move this weekend to this new format for this blog and associated materials. I’m using WordPress self-installed on the new web host. So far,…

  • CO-241 Study Guide

    CO-241 students: Here is the Nonlinear Video Editing study guide! Click on the above link to see the PDF. To download to your computer, right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the link and choose “Download Link…” The final exam is Thursday, Dec 17, at 5:30 pm in the same classroom.

  • The Wide Canvas of Faces

    I made my public debut as a video artist on Saturday, April 4th, 2009, at the CreateHere gallery on Main Street, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve titled the piece “The Wide Canvas of Faces.” I built an 8-foot by 2-foot canvas from wood strips, canvas dropcloth, and white paint, and projected onto it from a strategically-placed…

  • The Leap of Faith

    Yes, you’ve heard correctly: I’ve taken the “leap of faith” and entered the Realm of the Self-Employed. I resigned from Atomic Films in August, 2008, after eight years of employment as their video editor. Nowadays, I’m supporting myself with professional freelance video production and postproduction, design, and consulting. This also gives me time to work…

  • Trying to look professorial…

    Class starts soon at Chattanooga State… and I’m teaching it! Nonlinear Video Editing, Co-241, with me as Adjunct Instructor. Exciting and humbling. I’ll be explaining to the students how to edit video using a computer. Fortunately, it’s something I’ve been doing professionally for many years. And I enjoy explaining how things work. Still:  Exciting and…

  • Nightfall: Ogya!

    Kofi Mawuko has a fun band of musicians with the name Ogya. They performed live at Nightfall a couple weeks ago, and I videotaped their show. Here’s an excerpt of Ogya!

  • CommuniTV

    I’ve launched a new part of the Community Communication Project, concentrating on that slice of the communication pie called “Television and Video,” finding a way to bridge that gap between actual people and how they can share with each other. The name of this effort is CommuniTV. In other words, community + TV = CommuniTV.…

  • Up close and personal

    Out working in the back yard today, mowing and whatnot. Here’s a little glimpse of me in all my Philip Luckey glory.

  • Steve Poltz: Rain

    This week’s video clip features another concert in Kim’s living room, shot last Sunday (March 9, 2008). Steve Poltz returns with the Cynics (otherwise known as the Truckee Brothers), and is joined by a belly dancer (from Dandasha Dance Company). Good times! Happy birthday, Kim!

  • Steve Poltz: Once Again

    This week’s video clip is a blast from the past. Way back in September, 2006, my friend Kim held a living room concert in her, well, living room, featuring Steve Poltz. Here’s one of the songs from that 3-hour concert, “Once Again.” Thanks again to Kim and Steve for letting me shoot that show. Check…

  • Lumbar Five at the Mudpie

    This week’s video clip features Lumbar Five, a local band that played at the Mudpie last Thursday night. Note the wonderful African drumming solo by Kofi Mawuko. Thanks to Lumbar Five & the Mudpie for letting me capture this event.

  • Billy Harvey at Kim’s LRC

    A couple weeks ago, my friend Kim hosted a living room concert for Billy Harvey. Here’s a sample from that night:


    I recently visited the IKEA store in Atlanta; wow, what an experience that was. A little mind-boggling at the selection, a little overwhelming due to the odd mazes you travel through… All in all, an intriguing place, and the prices are relatively low, too. I got all the assorted pieces for building a set of…

  • Some Light Exercises at UTC

    I had a great time today talking with the students in Elizabeth Gailey’s class on “Making a Documentary” at UT-Chattanooga. The main focus was “Lighting on a Shoe-String Budget.” I’ll share some of the tips later.

  • Tempus Fugit

    I have compressed the entire SPIRAL FUGUE documentary to QuickTime and uploaded it here on my website for your enjoyment and education. I enjoyed the process of making this piece as well as the product that is the result, and I appreciate the cooperation of the featured musicians.

  • Website note

    A quick metapost: I’ve begun refurbishing the links on the left (Audio/Movies/Biography) with some success, and more to come. Also, in my renovation frenzy I “broke” the Archives of blog entries, but it seems to be fixed now. And yes, I’ve enabled commenting. So far, so good. [Note that this applies to the website circa…

  • Random Composition

    Today, while playing around with my guitar and djembe drum (along with GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, and my little camcorder), I put this together. Sure, I’m no professional musician like Dan Landrum, but I do enjoys the musics.

  • Downed by a fault

    The webserver at Chattanooga Online crashed over the weekend, losing all files on their disk (including my websites, of course). So, some of my links aren’t available until I restore from my personal backups.

  • One model for distribution

    I joined a discussion on a mailing list today about the usefulness/likelihood/profitability of making documentaries (on the International Media Users Group IMUG list). Here’s what I had to say: Would you hit the jackpot on sending your first program out and then getting $2000 per station x 300 stations? About as likely as winning the…

  • Pictures and Sagas

    Just posted some assorted pictures, including The Saga Of My Improved Mailbox; Lydia’s Wedding; Dinner at Madeline & Brian’s; and Hiking to Snooper’s Rock on Sunday at Prentice Cooper State Park.

  • Version 6 of pluckey’s web

    Ok, the redesign of this site is in progress. So far, so good. Hello, Version 6. Obviously not all links are active and/or consistent yet.

  • Laundry System, Phase Two

    Phase Two of my new Laundry System is pritnear complete.