Another beginning.

As the poster that hangs on my living room wall says: Time is a whisper.
I guess you could say I’m very accustomed to new beginnings … to adapting a fresh existence out of the remnants of my old life. Once again, I’m trying to “turn it all around” and make sense from the chaos of my life. And sure-as-shootin’, sooner or later I’ll drift away and find myself distracted to the point of … well … distraction. Still, I’m determined to give it a shot. As I sit here in front of my computer, I’m staring at the poster on my wall:

Time is a whisper:
Rippling with soft urgency
Between now and then.
More than a glimpse
And less than a stare,
A feather’s touch
With a sledgehammer blow:
Time is a whisper.

I guess you could say I’m too accustomed to new beginnings, straining to hear the right time.


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