The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

Once again I’ve dismantled and re-mantled my personal website (named “pluckey’s web” since the earliest incarnation back in the mid-1990s). This time, I’m going all-in with WordPress (currently version 6.4.2) running on a hosted server up there in the clouds. So far, so good!

Of course, it’s a work in progress, and there’s still a lot left to do (adding back in photo albums from the past, and from modern times, too, for example). But at least the basic framework seems to be holding up. So far.

My rationale is to use this website as my personal “display shelf” of my personal collections (my blog, photos, poems, essays, projects, tools, etc.). This gives me a point of reference (and a point of referral) as I continue in my journey through life.

More later!


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