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  • The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    Once again I’ve dismantled and re-mantled my personal website (named “pluckey’s web” since the earliest incarnation back in the mid-1990s). This time, I’m going all-in with WordPress (currently version 6.4.2) running on a hosted server up there in the clouds. So far, so good! Of course, it’s a work in progress, and there’s still a…

  • Website note

    A quick metapost: I’ve begun refurbishing the links on the left (Audio/Movies/Biography) with some success, and more to come. Also, in my renovation frenzy I “broke” the Archives of blog entries, but it seems to be fixed now. And yes, I’ve enabled commenting. So far, so good. [Note that this applies to the website circa…

  • Downed by a fault

    The webserver at Chattanooga Online crashed over the weekend, losing all files on their disk (including my websites, of course). So, some of my links aren’t available until I restore from my personal backups.

  • Version 6 of pluckey’s web

    Ok, the redesign of this site is in progress. So far, so good. Hello, Version 6. Obviously not all links are active and/or consistent yet.

  • Version 5 of pluckey’s web

    For those of you keeping score: I’ve begun to make the change-over to Version 5 of pluckey’s web (as seen here – hopefully). (Version 1 dates back to 1994 – so crude I barely remember more than using the wallpaper texture from my then-apartment. Version 2 was the cloudy/blue sky interface. Version 3 was the…