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  • The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    Once again I’ve dismantled and re-mantled my personal website (named “pluckey’s web” since the earliest incarnation back in the mid-1990s). This time, I’m going all-in with WordPress (currently version 6.4.2) running on a hosted server up there in the clouds. So far, so good! Of course, it’s a work in progress, and there’s still a…

  • On Being Self-Referential

    I’ve recently realized that my personal blog (which would be this here blog that you’re reading right now) has fallen down in Google searches for my name. Well, naturally I tend to refer to myself in first person, and therefore I’ve been neglecting to explicitly state that Philip Luckey is saying this or Philip Luckey…

  • MacWorld coverage published in the Pulse

    My article about the Macworld Expo has been published in the Chattanooga Pulse. Welcome to any readers that may have wandered here from there! [Link broken. I’ll try to find an archive!]

  • RSS’ing

    Sweet! I’ve persuaded the RSS feed of my blog to work. So syndicate away! W00t. [In the 2011 version of this blog, you can get to the RSS feeds at the bottom of the left sidebar.]

  • Nightfall 2005

    The new Nightfall Schedule is out! Looks like it’ll be an interesting blend of musicians this summer.

  • New waterfront pix coming soon

    Coming soon… More pictures featuring Chattanooga’s new 21st Century Waterfront! Etc. Etc.

  • Pancake Day 2005

    Happy Pancake Day! It’s so early this year, I know. A fun time was had celebrating PCD at Carla & Kenny’s current home; I was able to pitch in with my pancake-making skills (pushing out around three dozen on the hot skillets). Pictures available “soon”.

  • Bloggering

    This is a test of blogging, showing how easy it is to use

  • Back up due to backup

    Okay, it looks like Chattanooga Online has dug up some fairly recent backups of the web server. Hoorah!

  • Downed by a fault

    The webserver at Chattanooga Online crashed over the weekend, losing all files on their disk (including my websites, of course). So, some of my links aren’t available until I restore from my personal backups.

  • adding content…

    Yes, I am planning on adding new posts & pictures – they’re certainly piling up! Check back here within the next few days to find some new stuff…

  • Stunning. Suitably stunned.

    Last night I happened to catch a live streaming feed from NASA of the pictures coming from the Cassini probe as it swung by Saturn’s moon Titan [Check it out!]. What an amazing thing to see, in real-time. Well, the raw unprocessed images were mostly a whitish blur, but impressive nonetheless!

  • Head in the clouds

    Head in the Clouds Good news…no, GREAT news! A privately-developed spacecraft with a human pilot successfully launched this morning from the Mojave Desert, got at least 62 miles up (the edge of space), and then glided in for a landing. SpaceShipOne (developed in part by Dick Rutan and Paul Allen) is in the history books…

  • SRL Film Committee

    I attended the Shaking Ray Levi Society’s initial Film Committee “Get-Together” at Pisa Pizza in North Chattanooga. Got to meet several interesting people who are interested in organizing “independent movies and videos” to be made here in town.

  • WiFi in the park

    Cool – I’m posting this while sitting in Coolidge Park, thanks to the free wireless Internet service. So there! Hint – the closer you are to the Pavilion building (next to the Carousel), the better reception you get.

  • rolling and blogging

    Ok, experimenting with BlogRolling.

  • back to blogger

    Ok, then. I’ve switched back to Blogger from my earlier attempts at using iBlog. A large part of my reason was simple convenience, as well as seeing how well Blogger worked on Dan’s web site re-design.

  • obvious

    Can you guess what one of my New Year’s Resolutions is? Yup, that’s right – updating my blog more frequently. Hee!

  • trying iBlog

    Ok, now I’ve implemented iBlog (instead of using to generate my blogs. Here’s hoping it leads to more (and perhaps even better) updates.

  • Clowning with words

    Stumped for ideas on office/home celebrations? This is a little unsettling. Ouchy, indeed! And thanks to King for this reference for all those new-falutin’ words that sift through our consciousness like thought-size flour in a society-size sieve.

  • Version 6 of pluckey’s web

    Ok, the redesign of this site is in progress. So far, so good. Hello, Version 6. Obviously not all links are active and/or consistent yet.

  • All hail Dave Barry. And the Onion.

    Of course I’m a Dave Barry fan, and I find his blog to be entertaining, as is another great site, Perversion Tracker. (Now, now… it’s software perversion, folks. No, wait, that could also be misconstrued…) And how could I not mention The Onion? Ah, yes.

  • re-thinkening this page

    Ok, about time to revitalize this web site again. I like the blog capabilities, but a cleaner redesign is needed. The links aren’t organized as well as I would like, and there’s more content I’d like to add. Maybe once I transition to a faster machine…hmmm…