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Spiral Fugue


“Music creates sound (organized sound is music), creates the widest array of emotion and response by a human being.” – Bob Bernhardt

olympic wingIn the year 2000, I decided to try an experiment. I started recording certain musical performances in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and interviewing the musicians. Then, I edited together the interviews, the music, and the preparations for a production of the opera “Madama Butterfly,” using a narrative style I liken to “travelling up a spiral staircase.” I’d developed this style back in 1991-2 for a documentary mini-series for public television titled “Noteworthy.” The result is a set of weaved-together examples of the diversity of music, how music affects the performer and the audience, and how music itself can (and cannot) be defined.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present “Spiral Fugue: A documentary of music.

Philip Luckey, Producer/Director





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