Music documentary?

I’m putting together a documentary on the diversity of music, using a nonlinear narrative style (look at it this way: instead of being told like a story, in a straight line, this look at music unfolds like a spiral staircase). It will probably be somewhat similar to the “Noteworthy” mini-series I created back in 1990-1991.

I’m planning on distributing this hour-long program (for free) to all the public television stations in the country, once I complete it (and here’s hoping that day will be here soon).

Somewhere along the way I’ll have a better name for this venture (which is, incidentally, in association with my workplace, Creative Resources). Thanks again to everyone who has helped with this project. Here are some ideas I’m throwing around:

Dan Landrum
Mark Hall
David Bird/substructure
Susan Werner
Madame Butterfly (in rehearsal)
John Hoomes
Brian Steele
Theresa Andersson

and still to come:

Mountain Opry?
Shaking Ray Levis?
Interpretative DancerGospel/Blues?



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