SF 2000, Day 6

(Due to an Earthlink/Mindspring outage the update was posted later than planned. )

I”ve updated the design of my daily updates, hoping to make it more read-able.

I spent much of the day at the Macworld Expo in the Moscone Center, downtown San Francisco. It’s not as big as NAB/Las Vegas, but it certainly is a sizable exhibition. They’re expecting some 70,000 people to visit this week. Upon entering and riding the escalator down into the depths of Moscone I saw Gregory Hines just standing there, talking to a couple people just like a normal person. I didn’t have a chance to say hello (or snap a photo), but it’s probably just as well (for fear that he’d ask me to show him what little tap I’ve learned so far).

The Apple booth is large, featuring lots of iMacs, G4’s, iBooks, Final Cut Pro and the like. I watched a demonstration of OS X (“coming out within 12 months!”) and the new Aqua interface (kinda odd).

Lots of other booths, lots of drawings for free iBooks. (As I anticipated, the first day is mostly a blur; later visits should provide more coherence.)

I sat through a good demo of Dreamweaver 3 & Fireworks 3 at the Macromedia booth. I must admit I think Dreamweaver has developed a good set of capabilities for creating web pages (I use it for this site, in fact).

I seem to have a knack for picking the #5 bus that goes out of service on its trip toward Ocean Beach. There’s evidently some sophistication in picking the right vehicle that I’m missing.

Tomorrow I may be travelling out to Silicon Valley as King plays tour guide again.


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