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  • The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    The 2024 version of this website takes its first steps!

    Once again I’ve dismantled and re-mantled my personal website (named “pluckey’s web” since the earliest incarnation back in the mid-1990s). This time, I’m going all-in with WordPress (currently version 6.4.2) running on a hosted server up there in the clouds. So far, so good! Of course, it’s a work in progress, and there’s still a…

  • Test Post 2

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  • Abbie’s Graduation

    Abbie’s Graduation

    Visiting Kansas, for my niece Abbie’s graduation. This was a great trip! Kansas was warm, even hot. The metal stadium seats were aluminum and comfortable enough as we watched the event unfold below us.

  • Test post n-2

    Test post n-2

    This is an example of an optional excerpt.

  • Onwards into July

    July is a month that’s always held special resonance to me. In fact, the word resonance has always had a specialness to it, in my mind’s ear (which reminds me I should review John Berger’s Ways of Seeing for its relevance to resonance that I recall from a composition course at Vanderbilt…which leads obliquely to the works…

  • Communication Generalist

    I’ve heard the phrase many times before, “Jack of all trades/Master of none.” It’s only recently that I saw a second part to that refrain: “Oftentimes better than a master of one.” So I’m making my own revision now:    Jack of all trades,       Master of some:    Oftentimes better    Than a…

  • Launching, launching…

    This summer I’m determined to make some progress on my ever-present quest to help improve community communication. (Yes, the obscure name I’ve given this endeavor is The Community Communication Project.) I’ve leased some space in the Mountain Arts Community Center on Signal Mountain, giving the CCP a tangible “first home” to get started. By the…

  • A New Roof for my House

    Here’s an edited summary of replacing my home’s roof.

  • New revised website

    Motivated  by Concentric Network Solutions’ closing of Chattanooga Online at the end of May 2011 (and thus the shuttering of the webspace I’d been using since, oh, 1995), I made the move this weekend to this new format for this blog and associated materials. I’m using WordPress self-installed on the new web host. So far,…

  • Editing Examples

    Here are some excerpts from some videos that I edited recently…  

  • Mounted to guitar

    At a recent concert (at the Mudpie in Chattanooga, Tennessee), I attached my GoPro Hero HD camera to one of the guitars, for an interesting perspective.

  • SF 2010, Part 4

    Part 4 of my pictures from my San Francisco trip in January 2010. On Friday I departed from the Bay Area via AmTrak’s California Zephyr train. Originally intended to go from Emeryville, CA to Chicago, the Zephyr’s journey was cut short due to severe winter storms. Instead, the train only went as far as Denver.…

  • SF 2010, Part 3

    Part 3 of my pictures from my San Francisco trip in January 2010. On Monday I hung out on Haight Street and rested, and on Tuesday I toured Alcatraz with April and Jody.

  • SF 2010, Part 2

    Part 2 of my pictures from my San Francisco trip in January 2010. On Sunday, I travelled around downtown with King: we went on a walking tour of Victorian buildings, climbed inside a World War II submarine, and so on.

  • SF 2010, Part 1

    Part 1 of my pictures from my San Francisco trip in January 2010. After riding the early morning (3 am) shuttle from Chattanooga and flying from Atlanta to SFO, I sacked out for a long, long sleep on Friday, followed by more rest on Saturday and going along with King for a few errands. Also,…

  • Swinging through Red Bank

    The Red Bank Neighborhood Pride Association had an entertaining entry in the Christmas 2009 parade in Red Bank, Tennessee. Shot & edited by Philip Luckey.

  • CO-241 Study Guide

    CO-241 students: Here is the Nonlinear Video Editing study guide! Click on the above link to see the PDF. To download to your computer, right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) on the link and choose “Download Link…” The final exam is Thursday, Dec 17, at 5:30 pm in the same classroom.

  • My father’s obituary

    My father’s obituary: “William Thurston Luckey, Jr., originally from Thomson, Ga., born August 5, 1933, left this earthly home to reside with his Heavenly Father in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 29, 2009, after a six-year battle with cancer. William was retired from sales and was founder of Lucktronic Technologies. He was an…

  • The Wide Canvas of Faces

    I made my public debut as a video artist on Saturday, April 4th, 2009, at the CreateHere gallery on Main Street, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve titled the piece “The Wide Canvas of Faces.” I built an 8-foot by 2-foot canvas from wood strips, canvas dropcloth, and white paint, and projected onto it from a strategically-placed…

  • SF 2009, Part C

    The last set of pictures (Set C) from my San Francisco trip.

  • SF 2009: 37-Corbett

    When I’m visiting the Bay Area, I find their public transportation system to be very, very useful. San Francisco is an easy city to get around in, without a car. What’s it like, you wonder, to ride a MUNI bus, in January of 2009? Well, now, have yourself a look, as I ride back to…

  • SF 2009, Part B

    More 2009 pictures (Set B) from my San Francisco trip. And there’s still more to come!

  • SF 2009, Part A

    Yes, I’m in San Francisco for my annual trip to the West Coast. Check out my Pictures page for SF pix. Also, to review the previous trips, look in my blog archives for January (from 2000 to 2009). Y’know, at this point I’ve “lived” in San Francisco for over two months. Good times.