Launching, launching…


This summer I’m determined to make some progress on my ever-present quest to help improve community communication. (Yes, the obscure name I’ve given this endeavor is The Community Communication Project.)

I’ve leased some space in the Mountain Arts Community Center on Signal Mountain, giving the CCP a tangible “first home” to get started. By the end of this summer (2012), I intend to officially launch 10 Actions (separate yet linked) to give concrete examples of how our communities might be better at sharing information. Meanwhile, I’m busy making trailers and descriptions, updating websites and Twitter, designing posters and planning meetings (when I’m not assembling office furniture and, oh yes, working on my freelance video projects for my clients).

If you’re interested, wander over to for more information, or follow me on Twitter @CommunifyNow. You can also email join@communify to get involved.