Author: Philip Luckey

  • Facebooking

    Yes, I’m on this little site called Facebook. It has the capacity to consume amazing amounts of time, but it’s interesting to see this little slices of my friends’ (and barely-known acquaintances’) lives.

  • The Leap of Faith

    Yes, you’ve heard correctly: I’ve taken the “leap of faith” and entered the Realm of the Self-Employed. I resigned from Atomic Films in August, 2008, after eight years of employment as their video editor. Nowadays, I’m supporting myself with professional freelance video production and postproduction, design, and consulting. This also gives me time to work…

  • Trying to look professorial…

    Class starts soon at Chattanooga State… and I’m teaching it! Nonlinear Video Editing, Co-241, with me as Adjunct Instructor. Exciting and humbling. I’ll be explaining to the students how to edit video using a computer. Fortunately, it’s something I’ve been doing professionally for many years. And I enjoy explaining how things work. Still:  Exciting and…

  • Nightfall: Ogya!

    Kofi Mawuko has a fun band of musicians with the name Ogya. They performed live at Nightfall a couple weeks ago, and I videotaped their show. Here’s an excerpt of Ogya!

  • CommuniTV

    I’ve launched a new part of the Community Communication Project, concentrating on that slice of the communication pie called “Television and Video,” finding a way to bridge that gap between actual people and how they can share with each other. The name of this effort is CommuniTV. In other words, community + TV = CommuniTV.…

  • Up close and personal

    Out working in the back yard today, mowing and whatnot. Here’s a little glimpse of me in all my Philip Luckey glory.

  • Contra Dance: Butch & Christie

    This week’s video clip again features Butch Ross (on guitar) and Christie Burns (on hammer dulcimer), performing more music at Contranooga‘s contra dance on February 23, 2008, in Ringgold, Georgia. The song actually has another couple minutes to it, but YouTube, alas, has a 10-minute limit.

  • Steve Poltz: Rain

    This week’s video clip features another concert in Kim’s living room, shot last Sunday (March 9, 2008). Steve Poltz returns with the Cynics (otherwise known as the Truckee Brothers), and is joined by a belly dancer (from Dandasha Dance Company). Good times! Happy birthday, Kim!

  • Steve Poltz: Once Again

    This week’s video clip is a blast from the past. Way back in September, 2006, my friend Kim held a living room concert in her, well, living room, featuring Steve Poltz. Here’s one of the songs from that 3-hour concert, “Once Again.” Thanks again to Kim and Steve for letting me shoot that show. Check…

  • Lumbar Five at the Mudpie

    This week’s video clip features Lumbar Five, a local band that played at the Mudpie last Thursday night. Note the wonderful African drumming solo by Kofi Mawuko. Thanks to Lumbar Five & the Mudpie for letting me capture this event.

  • Contra Dance music & dancing

    On Saturday night I went to the contra dance (held by Contranooga) at Ringgold United Methodist Church, and I videotaped some good dulcimer/guitar/dancing action, featuring Butch Ross on gee-tar and Christie Burns on hammer dulcimer.

  • “Chattanooga” montage

    People sometimes ask what it is I do during the day, for my “day job” as an editor at Atomic Films. Well, um, I edit videos for clients — ranging from TV commercials to corporate videos to documentaries. That’s just about when their eyes start to glaze over from my answer, so here’s an actual…

  • Cinn-cin-ati

    Made it to Cinncinati — where it’s 10 degrees outside. Big change from California, where it felt like it was 50 – 70 every day. Next flight looks to be on time. Soon I’ll be home!

  • Leaving the Friskies

    Well, the time has come to leave San Francisco and wing my way home to Chattanooga. Now sitting in the SFO airport, waiting for my delayed flight to board. Hope y’all have enjoyed my updates and pictures — I’ll add some more stories once I get home.

  • SF 2008, Part 5

    Fifth set of pictures have been posted.

  • SF 2008: moving in lapsed time

    I’ve been taking some timelapse movies and other videos with my new Canon 870IS (in addition to photos, of course).

  • SF 2008, Part 4

    Fourth set of pictures have been posted. On Wednesday, I rested at the house and read more about the history of Tennessee. Later that night, King and I journeyed out to the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), Mission Bay campus, which is evidently all the way over to the other side of town.…

  • SF 2008, Part 3

    Third set of pictures have been posted. On Sunday, King and Gwen took me to lunch at Joanna’s Diner in San Mateo, and then we parked the car at Fort Mason, overlooking the Bay and downtown, and walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we caught a boat for a Bay Cruise. The weather was perfect…

  • SF 2008, Part 2

    Second set of pictures from San Francisco have been posted. On Saturday, after catching up on my rest, I travelled with King all the way to the local Post Office, walking nearly a block. After a few moments rest inside the po-po as King transacted with the better clerk for conveying his DVD package around…

  • SF 2008, Part 1

    First set of pictures from San Francisco, featuring my travel.

  • You said what?

    So, so sleepy. And ears still haven’t popped yet. What? I can’t hear you… Tomorrow I’m switching to Pacific time. Maybe I’ll have my hearing back. What?

  • Wheels… almost… touching…

    Touchdown in California! Waiting to disembark the plane & meet up with King & Gwen.

  • SF 2008: The 767

    Here I am, sitting on a 767-300. Now *this* is a good-sized plane. The jet from Chattanooga was a small CRJ200: about a sixteenth of the space in here, if not less. The weather in Atlanta today appears to be beautiful. Still another 20 minutes of loading up this plane. I scored a window seat…