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  • Who Fest 2007

    Pictures from Who Fest 2007 I wandered into Renaissance Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, checking out some folk art.

  • SF 2007, Part 2

    More pictures from San Francisco, featuring Sunday’s adventures.

  • SF 2007, Part 1

    New pictures available from my on-going trip to San Francisco. More word-oriented commentary later (after, um, I write it). So many fun things to cover, so little time! (And adequately nap.)

  • Red Bank Jubilee & Foster Falls

    This weekend was two days of Adventure. First, the annual Red Bank Jubilee and its accompanying parade on Saturday, and then hiking and camping at Foster Falls with Carl and Jim. Great fun! Click on the thumbnail for pictures.

  • Pancake Day 2006

    Happy Pancake Day! Well, last Tuesday, anyway. I helped celebrate this English tradition once again at the home of Ken & Carla Pritchard. Click on the thumbnail for the gallery of pictures. Also, I’ve compressed and uploaded the music documentary I put together way back in 2000. Enjoy! However, keep in mind that it is…

  • SF 2006: The Last Days

    San Francisco 2006: The Last Days On Thursday, I returned to Macworld Expo and went from one side allll the way over to the other side of the Exhibit Hall. That night King and I went to the 1906 Earthquake Slide Show (there was a flyer in an earlier photo) at the local library branch.…

  • SF 2006 (1/11/06)

    Today I returned deep within the Golden Gate Park (well, deep-ish). Fun pictures available!

  • SF 2006 (1/10/06)

    San Francisco 2006 The Macworld Expo is a frenzy of excitement. I did an initial walk-through today, doing some recon for areas I’d like to look at later.

  • SF 2006: Day 3

    San Francisco 2006: Day 3 Today I wandered around downtown San Francisco, including the Embarcodero and the Cable Cars!

  • SF 2006: Day 2

    San Francisco: Day 2 I got up early to catch the 11 am tour of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Pictures available! Then King, Gwen and I went to eat at the Pork Store Cafe. Lots of great food. Mmmm…

  • SF 2006: Day 1

    San Francisco 2006: Day 1 Today’s Saturday, and it’s mostly a Recovery Day (some moments of consciousness & chatting, interspersed with serious napping). Some pix (click on the thumbnail). It’s great to be back in San Francisco! Walking to the post office was like instantly returning to a familiar place (after all, this is my…

  • Late summer pix and such

    First of all, apologies to those who found yesterday’s animated picture to be scary. I guess I should’ve saved that for Halloween. Ha! More pictures posted today: July and August, 2005. Except for this summer’s “Tybee” Sarasota trip; those pix deserve their own gallery and will make their appearance soon. I’m going to Kansas City…

  • Wolfman in reverse

    As promised, here’s a peek at the new me: And there’s more! I’m working on my picture backlog; today I’m posting the remainder of June, 2005… working chronologically, I’ll be up to the present day some day after today but exactly on the day that I finish.

  • Nightfall/Bella Sera pix

    More pictures uploaded! Some older pix taken with my Treo 650 cameraphone, as well as new Nightfall and Bella Sera pictures. Also, I’ve been making progress adding to the Wiki for my Community Communication Project.

  • Pix: New Riverfront, etc.

    I’ve uploaded more pictures (Assorted Pix June 3, 2005): the last of the Grand Openings of Chattanooga’s new riverfront, and a peek at the new Pritchard home. There are some movies associated with this stuff, too; I’ll try to get those compressed and uploaded later.

  • Pictures uploaded (Chattanooga!)

    As I’d promised… I’ve posted a big, if not huge, assortment of pictures! I was feeling I’d been neglecting my town in picture coverage; this should even things up. Enjoy!

  • SF 2005, Part H

    You’ll be amazed and delighted to learn that I’ve posted the last block of pictures from my recent trip to San Francisco: Part H of H. Check ’em out in the Pictures section. Thanks again to King and Gwen (and Kibble) for being wonderful hosts!

  • SF 2005: Walking the bridge

    Today, King and Gwen and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge… and then walked back across it! Very high up, and actually kinda cold, what with the wind and all, but exhilarating! I’ll put some pix up in a little while after a nap. Yesterday King and I went to Treasure Island, Coit Tower,…

  • SF 2005: AccesSF, Subterrano, Pix

    Yesterday afternoon I had a great meeting at AccesSF, the public access people here in town, and for dinner King and I traveled to the Irving neighborhood for some Thai food. Afterwards we tried to watch a horrible movie (Subterano). I’ve posted new pictures (Part E and Part F on the pictures page)!

  • Amtrak pix and movies

    More pix in Pictures area and also QuickTime movies: My Compartment Rockies #1 Rockies #2 FYI, I use a Canon S230 digital camera along with my Macintosh PowerBook G4, iPhoto, and Galerie to create these picture albums; the video is from the Canon, too. I use Transmit to ftp files to my website, using the…

  • Through the Rockies

    The Rockies were magnificent, as expected. After watching the mountains glide by the window, I dozed and then – voila! – time for dinner. Pasta primavera with veggies, bowl of fruit for dessert. My seatmates were a couple from San Francisco, headed home after Christmas in Nebraska. They’d just upgraded to a sleeper compartment from…

  • Up to Denver

    More travel pix are at SanFran 2005 Part B in Pictures section. Here are a couple movies: Leaving Chicago’s Railway Yard [QuickTime] and Approaching Fort Morgan Colorado [QuickTime]. Sorry, Windows Media files just too huge and crappy-looking. Install QuickTime, do yourself a favor. We are at the Denver Union Station right now, loading/unloading, etc. It’s…

  • Need some art with that story

    I’ve posted some pictures in my Pictures section (featuring, yes, pictures). I’ll be creating a new section each time I post sets of pictures, for it seems that ftp via the wireless modem is kinda slow for uploads (but I’m perfectly happy with that).