SF 2008, Part 2

Second set of pictures from San Francisco have been posted. On Saturday, after catching up on my rest, I travelled with King all the way to the local Post Office, walking nearly a block. After a few moments rest inside the po-po as King transacted with the better clerk for conveying his DVD package around the world, I then walked all the way back to the house, where we had some more time to rest. Later, King and Gwen and I took a longer trip, walking about three blocks to The Pork Store Cafe, where, after a short wait in line with other hungry people, we sat and ate their tasty food. My French toast was perfectly cooked, and, after being soaked in butter and syrup, eaten up — along with the big strips of crispy bacon. Mmm. We strolled back to the house, just in time to rest and relax on this nice Saturday. After catching up on stories and my Excalibur-like demonstration of my Powers (in twisting off the reluctant pan/tilt head from King’s tripod), I had a good nap in the afternoon. King showed me the completed version of the Mucklewain performance of Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ that he’d finished edited recently (that I helped him shoot back in September), and it looks great! I make several cameo appearances as I scamper around the stage getting up-close shots.

Then, it was time for the evening’s entertainment. Via their fascinating Prius (I’m mesmerized by the Back-Up Camera and have a little bit of a crush on the sultry Nav Computer’s voice), we make our way to the Mission District. We’re stuffed with dinner at the Thai restaurant Osha (full as a tick!), and then walk over to the Darkroom SF theater for a performance of “Sweetie” Tanya: Demon Barista of Valencia Street. Great show. Here’s their description:


Tanya, living under an assumed name and on the run from creditors after a failed sexual harassment lawsuit against her employer left her blacklisted and deeply in debt, finds herself applying for a job at a run down coffee shop on Valencia Street. Confronted with yet another lecherous boss and an unending stream of customers who offer more come-ons than tips, Tanya finally snaps when her young coworker is assaulted by a patron. What follows is frothy vengeance. 


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