Riding AmTrak to California!

I’m officially riding the rails. I’m settled in my own private roomette, which turns out to be a good size for one tall person. Two people would be very cozy.

We’ve left the Chicago station and are currently speeding our way through the neighborhoods of Chi-town. I’m in Car #532, Room #12, on the lower level, right side of the train. I’ll be uploading pictures later here on my website — I anticipate having a little time to do that over the next couple days.

I’m somewhat spellbound by the scenery dashing by pell-mell outside my window, but at some point this afternoon I’m sure I’ll succumb to a nap. Not as much heavy residential now — more industrial scattered with housing. And snow, everywhere. The speed of the train is whipping up a stream of snow that creates a moving cloud outside my window. More later…


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