Nashville to Chicago

Makin’ progress! The flight from Nashville to Chicago was uneventful, other than the piercing pain I experienced when the plane started to descend. Must be some air pressure problem with my head. Oh well. More notes later on the Confusing Array of Signs within O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

Still, I managed to find my way to the CTA trains, where I caught the Blue Line elevated train/subway to downtown Chicago (took about 45 minutes, only cost $2). Then it was a 2-block walk to Union Station — the snow is nearly a foot deep in places, and big flakes were still falling. I checked in at the Amtrak ticket counter, and presented myself at the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge, which is where I am now: sitting in a tastefully-decorated series of rooms with soft carpet, nice can lighting (not a fluorescent tube in sight), and comfy chairs and sofas. Even free drink machine & bathrooms. I can enter the Lounge by virtue of having a sleeper compartment, and therefore I am First Class.

My train will be boarding in a few minutes; the adventure (more of the adventure) continues…


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