From Sterling To Signal View


I’ve been in my new apartment almost one complete month. In case you haven’t heard, I finally moved from my tiny, 200-square-foot efficiency in Riverview to a modern apartment off Mountain Creek Road. It only took some seven years for that transition, but it was worth it.

If you ever had the opportunity to visit my old apartment on Sterling Avenue, I’m sure you’d remember it: packed to the gills with furniture, books, shelves, clothes, electronics, magazines, books, and more clothes (or perhaps “laundry” is a better description). As my friend King described it: “It’s a great environment for taking 3-D pictures!” And in a word: cluttered. It was a good neighborhood, close to the revitalizing North Shore development (Frazier Avenue shops, Walnut Street pedestrian bridge, downtown Chattanooga and the riverfront). Good location, low rent, tiny space: the hallmarks of awaiting change. Back around Thanksgiving, Madeline Wieczorek (my landlord, who lives in the front of the house) mentioned that I might keep my eyes open for new living quarters, as she was contemplating the expansion of her kitchen. After searching for a new home, I finally settled on Q-270 at Signal View Apartments (formerly Lake Park), situated between Red Bank (the town) and Signal Mountain (the mountain).

I’ll load some pictures of the new apartment sometime soon; perhaps some of y’all are curious, and perhaps some of y’all are not. (grin)

I’m slowly getting acclimated to this 780-square-foot space… central air and heat… multiple rooms… more rent… comfy couch. Oh, well. Not much insight here, other than: change is good. And change is even better if you save it up in several plastic cups so that when you move you discover a hundred dollars worth of coins.


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