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I can’t help but find people to be fascinating. It’s that rascally human side of me, I reckon. So, naturally, I have a wonderful time getting brief glimpses into other lives and situations, thanks to the ever-so-prevalent world of blogs. A couple more that have recently caught my eye (in addition to the fun Waiter’s Rant):

Flight Level 390: An airline pilot talks about his flights.
Comics Curmudgeon: He “reads the comics so you don’t have to.”
Walking the Streets: A traffic warden in the United Kingdom tells tales of street life.

And so on. I admit that learning more about other people’s lives gives me food for thought when I ride on an airplane, or see how Mary Worth has done something startling, or even when I get a parking ticket. Because, after all, it turns out that we’re all human. Well, ok, I’m giving a wide swath of you the benefit of the doubt… but surely you won’t disappoint me.


2 responses to “Current Linking Favorites”

  1. Bill Sticker Avatar
    Bill Sticker

    I’m not in London.


    Bill Sticker

  2. Philip Luckey Avatar
    Philip Luckey

    Oops! My bad, Bill Sticker. I reckon my geography skills are none too keen, especially when it comes to Across the Pond. I’ve revised it to “United Kingdom” instead of “London.” 🙂

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