(Poetry) Mindset and Match

Icy rain hits the windows
of his apartment
as I smile and nod,
as I sit on a cast-off armchair
and listen:

“The entire organization
of salesmen
has been turned upside-down.
But I believe I can make
a special deal for myself.”

A deal, no doubt,
that’s pure commission
mixed in
with blind optimism —
searching for
something for nothing.

“I’ve never been sick
a day in my life,
at least until this last year.
I’ve always believed
that positive thoughts can heal
more than just medicine, but
I was real surprised
when I got sick.”

Matter of fact,
we share a cough
(along with a last name).
And I can’t help but wonder
what else might make us similar,
whether by genes or by choice.

“It was that time in that house
that brought us all together;
working through a hardship
did bring the family closer,
I believe.
It was an experiment,
and it worked.”

And now,
we are all apart.
I suppose it’s also true
that after surviving a heart attack
you might treasure each bit of life,
but I still wouldn’t choose one.

“Are you still planning
to go back to school in the fall?
I believe that’s the best strategy for you,
and I will take care
of all the bills.”

Again the carrot,
dangled in front of me.
My smile, my nod —
my only commitment
to his tangled schemes.

“I sincerely believe
that the human body
can live to be one-hundred-and-twenty years old,
at least.
That is, if you think positive,
eat right, and exercise.
So, I’m only halfway there.”

This strikes me deep,
as I consider if
more years
are better than
good years.

And if I were in his shoes,
would it be too late to choose?



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