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  • Summer 2007 pictures

    Here are some assorted pictures from the last couple weeks. From Nightfall, to Rock City, to Beaver Nelson, and even a collapsing building… nice times with friends.

  • SF 2007, Part 3

    San Francisco 2007 – Section C Ok, for those of you sitting on the EDGE OF YOUR SEATS, I’ve posted the final pictorial section of my 2007 trip to San Francisco. You can lean back into the comfy cushions, now.

  • status 2

    Made it to a somewhat rainy Cincinnati so far, on time. Making the last leg to Chattanooga in another 90 minutes.

  • status

    Just boarded the plane on my return home to Chattanooga, so we’re on schedule so far!

  • SF 2007, Part 2

    More pictures from San Francisco, featuring Sunday’s adventures.

  • SF 2007, Part 1

    New pictures available from my on-going trip to San Francisco. More word-oriented commentary later (after, um, I write it). So many fun things to cover, so little time! (And adequately nap.)

  • SFO+Thai=Movie

    I’ve successfully arrived in San Francisco, where I was met by King at the airport. We’re off to eat Thai food on Haight St and then a movie.

  • status 8

    I’m on the actual plane. We’ll be taking off soon – i.e. in 2007. On the way!

  • status 7

    The Tornado Warning has passed, with no ill effects. A plane is being re-routed here via South Carolina now that the weather’s settled down. We’re now supposed to depart around 1 pm EST, from a new gate only 19 gates away from where we were (and where I was enjoying a tasty turkey club). A…

  • status 6

    Yay. They’ve announced that the Atlanta airport is under a Tornado Warning right now. It’s nice when they ask for all passengers to move away from all windows. (There are, um, a few windows here in the terminal.) So, Flight 582 is now leaving at 2:05 pm EST, arriving in SF at 5 pm PST.…

  • status 5

    Made it to Atlanta so far! Just heard that my next flight (Delta 582 to SF) will be delayed. Instead of departing at 10:14, we may be leaving at 11:30 am EST. This will put me in SF around 2 pm PST.

  • status

    on time so far! I’ve boarded and about to take off!

  • Traveling to San Francisco, 2007

    Well, I’m off to visit San Francisco! Currently at Chattanooga airport, waiting for Delta 4706 to leave at 7:30 am, taking me to Atlanta.  

  • Red Bank Jubilee & Foster Falls

    This weekend was two days of Adventure. First, the annual Red Bank Jubilee and its accompanying parade on Saturday, and then hiking and camping at Foster Falls with Carl and Jim. Great fun! Click on the thumbnail for pictures.

  • SF 2006: The Last Days

    San Francisco 2006: The Last Days On Thursday, I returned to Macworld Expo and went from one side allll the way over to the other side of the Exhibit Hall. That night King and I went to the 1906 Earthquake Slide Show (there was a flyer in an earlier photo) at the local library branch.…

  • de Young Musician

    Here’s a short movie of a street musician in front of the de Young Museum. (QuickTime)

  • SF 2006 (1/11/06)

    Today I returned deep within the Golden Gate Park (well, deep-ish). Fun pictures available!

  • Macworld Walkabout

    Here’s a short movie of what it’s like to be walking around at Macworld Expo! (QuickTime)

  • SF 2006 (1/10/06)

    San Francisco 2006 The Macworld Expo is a frenzy of excitement. I did an initial walk-through today, doing some recon for areas I’d like to look at later.

  • Macworld Expo 2006

    The 2006 Macworld Expo has kicked off with a bang! In Steve Jobs’ opening Keynote address, he presented the new Intel-based iMac, and the PowerBook-replacement: Intel-based MacBook Pro. Also, new iLife 2006. I’ll be heading down to the Exhibit Halls at Moscone Center in a few minutes to check out the cool new stuff.

  • SF 2006: Day 3

    San Francisco 2006: Day 3 Today I wandered around downtown San Francisco, including the Embarcodero and the Cable Cars!

  • SF 2006: 1/8/06 continued

    I also enjoyed two video events: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, and Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure. Each (and both) very enjoyable.

  • SF 2006: Day 2

    San Francisco: Day 2 I got up early to catch the 11 am tour of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Pictures available! Then King, Gwen and I went to eat at the Pork Store Cafe. Lots of great food. Mmmm…