The Golden Phoenix beckons

I’m sitting now in a nice hotel room in downtown Reno, overlooking their casino strip. Amtrak gave each of us rooms at the Golden Phoenix (someone sez it used to be the Hilton… until what, I wonder? hee!).

The current plan is for us to call the Amtrak 800 # (1-800-USA-RAIL) early tomorrow morning for an update, and they’re also planning to have buses out front of our hotel at 9:45 am tomorrow (Sunday) morning. So far so good! It was quite the journey getting myself and luggage the 3-4 snowed-in blocks from the Amtrak station to the Phoenix. I think I’ll head back over to the Amtrak station to see if anyone needs help with their luggage. (This room is, in fact, larger than my train compartment. Ah, #12, I shall miss thee.) More pix & videos later once I settle in.


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