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  • The Wide Canvas of Faces

    I made my public debut as a video artist on Saturday, April 4th, 2009, at the CreateHere gallery on Main Street, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’ve titled the piece “The Wide Canvas of Faces.” I built an 8-foot by 2-foot canvas from wood strips, canvas dropcloth, and white paint, and projected onto it from a strategically-placed…

  • SF 2009: 37-Corbett

    When I’m visiting the Bay Area, I find their public transportation system to be very, very useful. San Francisco is an easy city to get around in, without a car. What’s it like, you wonder, to ride a MUNI bus, in January of 2009? Well, now, have yourself a look, as I ride back to…

  • Nightfall: Ogya!

    Kofi Mawuko has a fun band of musicians with the name Ogya. They performed live at Nightfall a couple weeks ago, and I videotaped their show. Here’s an excerpt of Ogya!

  • Contra Dance: Butch & Christie

    This week’s video clip again features Butch Ross (on guitar) and Christie Burns (on hammer dulcimer), performing more music at Contranooga‘s contra dance on February 23, 2008, in Ringgold, Georgia. The song actually has another couple minutes to it, but YouTube, alas, has a 10-minute limit.

  • Steve Poltz: Rain

    This week’s video clip features another concert in Kim’s living room, shot last Sunday (March 9, 2008). Steve Poltz returns with the Cynics (otherwise known as the Truckee Brothers), and is joined by a belly dancer (from Dandasha Dance Company). Good times! Happy birthday, Kim!

  • Steve Poltz: Once Again

    This week’s video clip is a blast from the past. Way back in September, 2006, my friend Kim held a living room concert in her, well, living room, featuring Steve Poltz. Here’s one of the songs from that 3-hour concert, “Once Again.” Thanks again to Kim and Steve for letting me shoot that show. Check…

  • Lumbar Five at the Mudpie

    This week’s video clip features Lumbar Five, a local band that played at the Mudpie last Thursday night. Note the wonderful African drumming solo by Kofi Mawuko. Thanks to Lumbar Five & the Mudpie for letting me capture this event.

  • Contra Dance music & dancing

    On Saturday night I went to the contra dance (held by Contranooga) at Ringgold United Methodist Church, and I videotaped some good dulcimer/guitar/dancing action, featuring Butch Ross on gee-tar and Christie Burns on hammer dulcimer.

  • “Chattanooga” montage

    People sometimes ask what it is I do during the day, for my “day job” as an editor at Atomic Films. Well, um, I edit videos for clients — ranging from TV commercials to corporate videos to documentaries. That’s just about when their eyes start to glaze over from my answer, so here’s an actual…

  • SF 2008: moving in lapsed time

    I’ve been taking some timelapse movies and other videos with my new Canon 870IS (in addition to photos, of course).

  • Dan at Aquarium

    Here’s a tenuous goal of mine: chop up some of the interesting musical performances I’ve shot and upload them to YouTube. Sure, I’ve been doing some of that already, but the goal involves doing much, much more. (Perhaps a new song every week? Every day? Every hour? Ok, ok, once a week is probably within…

  • Ka-boom…

    I done saw a building get all blowed up. The demolition of an old factory in Chattanooga (at base of Lookout Mountain).

  • Billy Harvey at Kim’s LRC

    A couple weeks ago, my friend Kim hosted a living room concert for Billy Harvey. Here’s a sample from that night:

  • Dan’s Dulcimer and Dancing

    Last night at the Tivoli Theatre here in Chattanooga, Dan Landrum was rehearsing for the 2006 Singing Christmas Tree. Here’s one of his original songs, accompanied by ballet dancers, that I videotaped for him:

  • John Carty (short excerpt)

    Last night I went to a concert at Charles & Myrtle’s Coffeehouse (McBrien Road in Chattanooga) featuring Irish musician John Carty. Good show! Some fiddling, some banjoing, accompanied by guitar. Here’s a brief glimpse:

  • The Sewing Machine

    What with Halloween quickly approaching, I’ve uploaded another Steve Poltz song from his Barking Legs concert. This one is named “Sewing Machine,” and it’ll keep you in stitches. Well, I won’t leave you hanging by a thread; here’s the link:

  • Steve Poltz has Barking Legs

    Last night I caught Steve Poltz in concert at the Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga. Great show! Here’s a sample of the fun, YouTube-style:

  • Day #13,880

    Well, I made it to Day #13,880! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach that milestone. I put together a little video (one of my first forays into the world of high definition) of a related get-together; you can find it here or click on the thumbnail picture. Here’s looking forward to 13,881! Or, dare…

  • Random Composition

    Today, while playing around with my guitar and djembe drum (along with GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, and my little camcorder), I put this together. Sure, I’m no professional musician like Dan Landrum, but I do enjoys the musics.

  • de Young Musician

    Here’s a short movie of a street musician in front of the de Young Museum. (QuickTime)

  • Macworld Walkabout

    Here’s a short movie of what it’s like to be walking around at Macworld Expo! (QuickTime)

  • Movies & Pix: Australia, Dan, Weekend

    I’ve loaded some movies – you’ll need to have QuickTime installed on your computer to view them. First off, some movies from Australia, recently re-discovered (I had feared they had been lost): What the “Crosswalk” Sounds Like on a Downtown Sydney Street Circular Quay (Sydney) Street Performer Plays Guitar The Brisbane Town Hall, With Actual…

  • Song of the Cicadas

    I never realized how dangerous cicadas can be. This year marks the emergence of the 17-year cicadas (I know, “not yet legal”), and when Priscilla and I went hiking last week we saw and heard many cicadas; here’s a QuickTime movie!