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  • Movies & Pix: Australia, Dan, Weekend

    I’ve loaded some movies – you’ll need to have QuickTime installed on your computer to view them. First off, some movies from Australia, recently re-discovered (I had feared they had been lost): What the “Crosswalk” Sounds Like on a Downtown Sydney Street Circular Quay (Sydney) Street Performer Plays Guitar The Brisbane Town Hall, With Actual…

  • Back home!

    I made it back to Red Bank, Tennessee, after only 30 hours of travel on Friday. I slept most of the weekend to recuperate, and Monday I go back to work. I’m hoping to have more Australia pictures on here within the next few days!

  • Pix and Brisbane

    I’ve uploaded a sampling of pictures of our trip so far – just a fraction of what I’ve taken to date. Beautiful weather here in Brisbane. Tomorrow (Thursday) is our last full day in Australia before we head home on Friday.

  • Touring Queensland

    We’re here in Brisbane. What a nice city! Spent the day touring Queensland today, including seeing Steve Irwin manhandle crocs in person. Here’s a link to some pics King has posted so far. More info later (we’re standing on a street corner in downtown Brisbane right now with our PowerBooks leeching off someone’s wireless Internet…

  • Sydney, in the Rocks

    Well, we’re sitting in a pub in the Rocks section of Sydney, waiting for a tasty meal. Fortunately this pub has free wireless internet access, allowing us to connect with our PowerBooks and upload/download mail. Here’s a picture to tide y’all over until I can properly update this site with my trip.

  • Going to Australia

    The Great Adventure Begins… Well, I’m heading off to Atlanta and then Los Angeles and then Sydney, Australia, and then Brisbane and then back to Los Angeles, to Atlanta, and finally back home to Chattanooga. I’m hoping to have some updates while my vacation with King is still in progress, but we’ll see! You can…

  • 2004: More travel than ever

    2004 will be the year Philip Travels Much More Than Ever Before. Kicking off the year will be my annual trip next week to visit King & Gwen & Kibble in the grand city of San Francisco. And then, in April – it’s off to Sydney & Brisbane, Australia! Woo hoo! More on that later,…