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San Francisco-January 2009 B

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On Thursday night we head for Fisherman's Wharf
Dinner at Tarantino's, a huge cracked crab for me.
Gwen taunts me with her crab prowess.
The view from our dining table
These boats are huge. They probably hold two, maybe three people.
Crabwork at the crab shack.
You can't even hear the squeaky death-squeals of the crabs.
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Ah yes, Lighthouse. Reminds me...
Two crabby old men.
More boats at the Wharf.
Look, Martha, they've named a boat after you!
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It's like a Gumby version of Christ.
On Friday, I head to the Mission District.
In case of fire: (A) Call on red thing. (B) Hook up hose to white thing.
The holly and the ivy... are sitting on the street...
"GOBAMA" on the sign
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Oh, just a typical storefront...
Wait, what?
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They have an exotic range of restaurants around here. Here's one.

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