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Lists and reviews of tools and gadgets and techniques that I use (or try out) in my daily journey of walking on my daily journey. Or resting in between those walks. Or just playing.


  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPad 2
  • Primera Bravo XR
  • Contour Shuttle Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Studio
  • Adobe CS4 Master Collection


  • Battery-powered Lawn Mower


  • Sony FX1000 Video Camera
  • Sony Z1 Video Camera
  • GoPro Hero HD Video Camera
  • Kessler 8′ Crane
  • Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveler Slider


  • Zoom H4n Audio Recorder
  • Mackie Onyx 820i Audio Mixer

New revised website

New day dawns

New day dawns for pluckey's web

Motivated  by Concentric Network Solutions’ closing of Chattanooga Online at the end of May 2011 (and thus the shuttering of the webspace I’d been using since, oh, 1995), I made the move this weekend to this new format for this blog and associated materials. I’m using WordPress self-installed on the new web host. So far, so good. I’m still filling in holes and repairing broken links, adding titles and fixing categories, uploading content and refining interfaces (most notably to picture galleries and other archives, coming soon).

A few glimpses at previous incarnations of my website. Here’s a Wayback Machine link to 1998. Then I simplified the look; here’s a link to 1999’s version. Then around 2000 I hit on the color scheme seen today, but still with an unrefined interface.  I made some minor improvements (mainly adopting Blogger as my infrastructure), leading to this peek at 2004. And other than intermittent blog and picture posts, the website remained the same… until this weekend’s complete renovation. What are my plans for pluckey’s web? It’s a place to store what I’ve written, shot, created, thought; an archive of interesting (to me, anyway) glimpses and resources. Yes, I use Facebook for status updates and promotion and such; but I intend to use these pages for more in-depth coverage on the things I find important (or trivial — it’s just a website, you know). It’s all part of being a content producer:  producing (and sharing) content.

old website: 6,163 visitors

The old website had accumulated 6,163 visitors since 12/5/1999

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Mounted to guitar

At a recent concert (at the Mudpie in Chattanooga, Tennessee), I attached my GoPro Hero HD camera to one of the guitars, for an interesting perspective.

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