Day #13,880

Well, I made it to Day #13,880! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach that milestone. I put together a little video (one of my first forays into the world of high definition) of a related get-together; you can find it here or click on the thumbnail picture.

Here’s looking forward to 13,881! Or, dare I say, 13,923? The days follow in lock-step, one after another, as if climbing up or down a flight of stairs, or following a path that leads somewhere surprising. Each day has its own value: its own level of appreciation, amortization, joy, and loss. I hope that I may continue to improve in how I encounter each individual day.



I recently visited the IKEA store in Atlanta; wow, what an experience that was. A little mind-boggling at the selection, a little overwhelming due to the odd mazes you travel through… All in all, an intriguing place, and the prices are relatively low, too. I got all the assorted pieces for building a set of Gorm shelves, and last weekend I actually put the pieces together. True to the Ikea cliche, I had 48 screw holes and only 47 screws. Still, it wasn’t too hard to put together, and they haven’t fallen down (yet). Click on the picture to watch a timelapse movie of removing the old shelves and then building the new shelves. The new shelves are in my red, red, red living room, right next to the front doorway. Eventually I’ll even Put Things On The Shelves, and so on.