Circular Reasoning

The bloggers mentioned in the story, who presumably are able to articulate their own opinions, received Wal*Mart email and began to simply copy the PR text into the blogs.

Wait, I don’t understand. This is news? I thought it was common knowledge that a large portion of bloggers (the majority?) simply copy text from elsewhere as their “blog”.

(from Slashdot)

I couldn’t resist copying and pasting this into my blog.


Website note

A quick metapost: I’ve begun refurbishing the links on the left (Audio/Movies/Biography) with some success, and more to come. Also, in my renovation frenzy I “broke” the Archives of blog entries, but it seems to be fixed now. And yes, I’ve enabled commenting. So far, so good. [Note that this applies to the website circa 2006]


On Being Self-Referential

I’ve recently realized that my personal blog (which would be this here blog that you’re reading right now) has fallen down in Google searches for my name. Well, naturally I tend to refer to myself in first person, and therefore I’ve been neglecting to explicitly state that Philip Luckey is saying this or Philip Luckey is doing that or Philip Luckey is taking a long, long nap. But that is, actually, me. Philip Luckey. Oh, what a wonderful self-promoter I am. I mean, Philip Luckey is.


Current Linking Favorites

I can’t help but find people to be fascinating. It’s that rascally human side of me, I reckon. So, naturally, I have a wonderful time getting brief glimpses into other lives and situations, thanks to the ever-so-prevalent world of blogs. A couple more that have recently caught my eye (in addition to the fun Waiter’s Rant):

Flight Level 390: An airline pilot talks about his flights.
Comics Curmudgeon: He “reads the comics so you don’t have to.”
Walking the Streets: A traffic warden in the United Kingdom tells tales of street life.

And so on. I admit that learning more about other people’s lives gives me food for thought when I ride on an airplane, or see how Mary Worth has done something startling, or even when I get a parking ticket. Because, after all, it turns out that we’re all human. Well, ok, I’m giving a wide swath of you the benefit of the doubt… but surely you won’t disappoint me.