Every day

It’s not easy to come up with something to write about every day, is it? Part of it, I realize, is finding my “voice” for what I want to say, and I imagine I’ll wander in range of that Voice eventually. I like the idea of putting the day’s events in some kind of context, or putting down in words some image that flashed through my mind earlier, or making commentary on what I’ve read or seen or experienced.

I have, however, been able to spend some time tonight catching up on emails, and what with crafting my replies and such, I feel I’ve more than met my quota of Writing Something Today. So all this that you’re Reading Right Now is just cheese on the chili dog.

Do you like reading insightful looks into someone’s life? I’ve been enjoying Waiter’s Rant, a blog by a waiter in a high-end restaurant. He has a nice sense of how to develop an anecdote, and I admit I’ve become more conscious of the value of leaving an appropriate tip, and the value of remembering a life’s lesson.


Surprisingly good

There have been a surprising number of potentially interesting shows on television recently. Some of them won’t pan out. Many of them won’t achieve the celebrity status of getting a Season Pass on my TiVo. And yet, I like being surprised by something that turns out to be good.

Though a newcomer to “Lost” on ABC, I’m rapidly becoming an avid fan of this quirky television series. The second season started just a few weeks ago, and I understand — a little better — the depth of response that the show has spawned. Last week’s frantic “push the button!” and “don’t push the button!”; the intriguing flashbacks; the clever plotlines and pacing: what can I say, other than “I enjoy this show.” Once I get up to speed on Season 1 (likely via NetFlix), perhaps I’ll know more, or less. And watching “Lost” in a group (like, for instance, with the Landrums up on some mountain) is definitely recommended — it adds to the entertainment value to swap conspiracy theories.

Another new show for me this new season is “Surface” on NBC; not as satisfying (what with the overacting, the pacing, the goofy creature effects), perhaps from the sense that they’re trying a little too hard. Still, I’ve been watching it. How can I resist a cute marine biologist?

I’m a “West Wing” fan from years back, and so it was with a mixture of curiosity and expectations of disappointment that I tuned in to see another brand-new show, “Commander-In-Chief,” also on ABC. Actually, I was surprised to discover that it wasn’t too bad. Either Geena Davis is getting accustomed to her role or I’m slowly becoming acclimated; in other words, Episode 3 was a lot better than Episode 2. It suddenly occurred to me what one crucial difference was: less Botox. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer actors to have faces that can display expressions. Anyway, a large part of the appeal of “C-I-C” for me is watching what happens when That Moment comes (like, say, the immediate aftermath of being unexpectedly sworn in as President of the United States). In a New York minute, everything changes the same.

I do remember watching “Battlestar Galactica” when I was young (especially how the Viper control sticks were curiously identical to the spacecraft control sticks on that pitifully sad “Buck Rogers” TV show, bee-dee-bee-dee). When the SciFi Channel renovated that story last year, I was intrigued enough to watch some of the pilot mini-series; kind of interesting, I thought, and nice use of “hand-held camera” technique on shooting dogfights in space. I skipped the first season. Then a couple months ago I saw the beginning of season 2 on the SciFi Channel, and wow. I’m hooked. Intricate plotlines, well-written, fun characters. Fascinating re-invention of the TV series.

Now, it’s not like I sit around and watch TV all the time. Not every single minute. Some minutes have to be reserved for making blog entries.


Late summer pix and such

First of all, apologies to those who found yesterday’s animated picture to be scary. I guess I should’ve saved that for Halloween. Ha!

More pictures posted today: July and August, 2005. Except for this summer’s “Tybee” Sarasota trip; those pix deserve their own gallery and will make their appearance soon.

I’m going to Kansas City for Thanksgiving again this year: I hear Abby’s growing every day! Scott has posted lots of great pictures on his site.

I’m also intending (sometime soon) to update those links on the left (Movies, Audio, etc) with, well, Movies and Audio and such (such as Movies and Audio I’ve put together, not some BitTorrent tracker for your H0t WaREz).


Just clap your hands

Beck sez, That’s where it’s at … Two turntables and a microphone …

These are exciting times.

I am mixing together a baker’s dozen of idealistic principles to create a more nutritious blend of who I am and who I wish to be. You have heard how that phrase “baker’s dozen” came in vogue, haven’t you? From what I hear, hundreds of years ago there were stiff penalties drawn up (perhaps the penalties themselves were for the baker to be drawn up and quartered, or baker’s quartered) if the customer were cheated on the amount of bread they purchased, and therefore the careful and worried baker began to add an additional loaf to an ordered dozen, just to make sure it all worked out. Or something along those lines. Once again we see the influence of “measuring accurately what we do” as well as “underpromising and overdelivering” and “how Philip mangles word origins.”

Now, of course I’m not going to come right out and blurt the actual, specific principles that I’m developing. However, one of them starts with “Communi” and ends with “cation,” and as part of that I want to add to my web site every day (or as close to every day as I can). Perhaps a story, or a blog entry, or a collection of pictures; as usual, this is mainly for my benefit as a way to sharpen my communication claws — if you happen to find something entertaining or otherwise of value, then that’s a bonus for you: a lightning bug caught in your empty milk jug. Blink Blink, says that lightning bug. Think Think, says my brain with a shrug.

These are exciting times. And if you see me tomorrow, you’ll discover one noticeable difference.

Guster sez, Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa, Never be the same again…