more house-esqe pix

Ok, so it’s been well over a year since official updates to my web site. Therefore, as is typical, it’s time for a flurry of activity. There are some house pix I’ve added to posts that are slightly less than a year old, as well as The New Laundry System that is slightly less than an hour old. Enjoy!


More on laundry platform

On Wednesday (9/25/02) I almost installed a ceiling light over the laundry area, but put that off for another time when I have some screws that aren’t as long; also, I plan to double-check my electrical train of thought with the electrician on Thursday. I applied adhesive to the plywood and laid down the vinyl floor:

Here’s a close-up of the vinyl floor pattern:


Building the laundry platform

On Tuesday (9/24/02) I laid out the supports for this 6′ x 5′ platform (using pressure-treated 2x4s, pre-cut to size at Lowe’s):

After screwing the boards together (using 2.5″ galvanized screws) I attached the 3/4″ plywood floor:

Then I raised the platform by setting it on the concrete deck blocks — probably easier with two people, but I managed to Philip-handle the very heavy box on top of the blocks:

So this is the elevated platform (some 9″ off the basement floor, yet enough headroom for 6’4″ me to stand on it):


Phase One: Installing the Washer & Dryer

I sized the materials to fit inside my CR-V
In my basement (to be precise, at the end of the “garage”) I’m setting up the Kenmore washer & dryer that came with the house. Oh, if it were as simple as that last sentence sounds. The previous owners of the house evidently drained the washer into the garage floor, and so on. I’m determined to Bring It Up To Code, and have retained a plumber and an electrician to arrive on Thursday, 9/26/02, for all the technical connections and such.

Meanwhile, I’ve been constructing — from scratch, mind you — the platform for these units. On Monday (9/23/02) I hit Lowe’s and returned with a CR-V full of lumber & masonry.



The Laundry System

because every project should have a logo!

It would seem that my long-lived system of dealing with my laundry (i.e., taking 20-30 loads to my favorite laundromat every so many months) isn’t as perfect as it appears. And what with living in a house and trying to make more sense out of my domestic responsibilities… I’m creating a New Laundry System. (I’m sure this will capture your interest on a daily, if not hourly, basis. I am a slave to the entertainment demands of the public.)