rain day

Rainy here in Chattanooga. Stormy kind of rain.

It’s been a busy week at work; among other things, I created 4 commercials for WDOD-96 “The Mountain” and tried to organize the “other mountain” of information flooding in for another project: Springtime commercials for Malls (oh, say forty-six malls, y’know).

Then there’s The House. But I’ve really been too busy to ponder much on that.


Version 5 of pluckey’s web

For those of you keeping score: I’ve begun to make the change-over to Version 5 of pluckey’s web (as seen here – hopefully).
(Version 1 dates back to 1994 – so crude I barely remember more than using the wallpaper texture from my then-apartment. Version 2 was the cloudy/blue sky interface. Version 3 was the whiter, cleaner look with some wireframe elements. Version 4 was the green bars & my scanned head peering at you. Fortunately for those of you keenly sensitive to culture shock, you can still catch glimpses of all these versions amidst the litter of my pages tossed on the internet’s floor. I’ll prolly make things more consistent At Some Point.)

I’m finding blogger to be very helpful and fun.