Defragmenting my life

There’s nothing like a Monday to get me thinking about the future… thinking about assembling more pieces in this jigsaw puzzle of a life… thinking about what’s ahead of me this week and what’ve I left behind me after the last seven days.

I suppose I wandered into this train of thought earlier today, waiting for the computerized editing system to finish its weekly maintenance. It takes about two hours for the system (Power Macintosh 9600/200MP) to chug through the entire hard drive array (36 gigabytes, RAID 0) and defragment the storage. The array gets fragmented very easily, very often, given the amount of data we’re constantly adding and subtracting in the process of editing videos. Though it’s tedious to defragment the drives, I find that the editing system tends to run much more smoothly afterwards. It’s a way to optimize my own time, in a way: better to defrag now than to crash or hang the system later.

In fact, in an ironic turn, while the timesaving computer was churning through its fragments, I spent my idle time defragmenting my own schedule, my own priorities. (I’m sure you’re far ahead of me by this time, already guessing my pointed parallel between man and machine.) As it happened, the machine beat me to the finish line, but then, of course, it’s had far more practice at making sense out of what it contains. By lunchtime, the computer had a clean contrast between used and unused capacity, and I had a calendar with more things written on it than before… I had a sense of what to hope for in the future… I held a glimmer of possibility. And best of all, it was still only Monday.