Launching, launching…

This summer I’m determined to make some progress on my ever-present quest to help improve community communication. (Yes, the obscure name I’ve given this endeavor is The Community Communication Project.)

I’ve leased some space in the Mountain Arts Community Center on Signal Mountain, giving the CCP a tangible “first home” to get started. By the end of this summer (2012), I intend to officially launch 10 Actions (separate yet linked) to give concrete examples of how our communities might be better at sharing information. Meanwhile, I’m busy making trailers and descriptions, updating websites and Twitter, designing posters and planning meetings (when I’m not assembling office furniture and, oh yes, working on my freelance video projects for my clients).

If you’re interested, wander over to for more information, or follow me on Twitter @CommunifyNow. You can also email join@communify to get involved.





I’ve launched a new part of the Community Communication Project, concentrating on that slice of the communication pie called “Television and Video,” finding a way to bridge that gap between actual people and how they can share with each other. The name of this effort is CommuniTV. In other words, community + TV = CommuniTV.
bridging the gap with CommuniTV
There are CommuniTV-oriented posts on the CommuniTV blog (predictably), as a way of consolidating information about community-oriented video in one location. And as other “slices of the pie” begin to be implemented (such as, say, public access to art, mediation, print, facilitation, web, community memory, and so on), I’ll be sure to let you know.


Just clap your hands

Beck sez, That’s where it’s at … Two turntables and a microphone …

These are exciting times.

I am mixing together a baker’s dozen of idealistic principles to create a more nutritious blend of who I am and who I wish to be. You have heard how that phrase “baker’s dozen” came in vogue, haven’t you? From what I hear, hundreds of years ago there were stiff penalties drawn up (perhaps the penalties themselves were for the baker to be drawn up and quartered, or baker’s quartered) if the customer were cheated on the amount of bread they purchased, and therefore the careful and worried baker began to add an additional loaf to an ordered dozen, just to make sure it all worked out. Or something along those lines. Once again we see the influence of “measuring accurately what we do” as well as “underpromising and overdelivering” and “how Philip mangles word origins.”

Now, of course I’m not going to come right out and blurt the actual, specific principles that I’m developing. However, one of them starts with “Communi” and ends with “cation,” and as part of that I want to add to my web site every day (or as close to every day as I can). Perhaps a story, or a blog entry, or a collection of pictures; as usual, this is mainly for my benefit as a way to sharpen my communication claws — if you happen to find something entertaining or otherwise of value, then that’s a bonus for you: a lightning bug caught in your empty milk jug. Blink Blink, says that lightning bug. Think Think, says my brain with a shrug.

These are exciting times. And if you see me tomorrow, you’ll discover one noticeable difference.

Guster sez, Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa, Never be the same again…