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Editing Examples

Here are some excerpts from some videos that I edited recently…  

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The Leap of Faith

Yes, you’ve heard correctly: I’ve taken the “leap of faith” and entered the Realm of the Self-Employed. I resigned from Atomic Films in August, 2008, after eight years of employment as their video editor. Nowadays, I’m supporting myself with professional … Continue reading

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Nightfall: Ogya!

Kofi Mawuko has a fun band of musicians with the name Ogya. They performed live at Nightfall a couple weeks ago, and I videotaped their show. Here’s an excerpt of Ogya!

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“Chattanooga” montage

People sometimes ask what it is I do during the day, for my “day job” as an editor at Atomic Films. Well, um, I edit videos for clients — ranging from TV commercials to corporate videos to documentaries. That’s just … Continue reading

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One model for distribution

I joined a discussion on a mailing list today about the usefulness/likelihood/profitability of making documentaries (on the International Media Users Group IMUG list). Here’s what I had to say: Would you hit the jackpot on sending your first program out … Continue reading

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F2F flat ideas

host camera guest camera flat design 1-b flat design 1-A

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