Onwards into July

July is a month that’s always held special resonance to me. In fact, the word resonance has always had a specialness to it, in my mind’s ear (which reminds me I should review John Berger’s Ways of Seeing for its relevance to resonance that I recall from a composition course at Vanderbilt…which leads obliquely to the works of Joan Didion). 

This current July promises to be among the most July-est of the bunch. At least for this year!


Communication Generalist

I’ve heard the phrase many times before, “Jack of all trades/Master of none.” It’s only recently that I saw a second part to that refrain: “Oftentimes better than a master of one.” So I’m making my own revision now:

   Jack of all trades,   

   Master of some:

   Oftentimes better

   Than a master of one. 

After all, I see myself as more a Communication Generalist, anyway. Not the path for everyone, but it’s been (and shall continue to be) the path for me. Onward, various modes of communication!


Well, I’ve survived another birthday! Thanks to everyone for their kindness & well-wishing. I’m looking forward to being a third of a century (as King would put it).


Another beginning.

As the poster that hangs on my living room wall says: Time is a whisper.
I guess you could say I’m very accustomed to new beginnings … to adapting a fresh existence out of the remnants of my old life. Once again, I’m trying to “turn it all around” and make sense from the chaos of my life. And sure-as-shootin’, sooner or later I’ll drift away and find myself distracted to the point of … well … distraction. Still, I’m determined to give it a shot. As I sit here in front of my computer, I’m staring at the poster on my wall:

Time is a whisper:
Rippling with soft urgency
Between now and then.
More than a glimpse
And less than a stare,
A feather’s touch
With a sledgehammer blow:
Time is a whisper.

I guess you could say I’m too accustomed to new beginnings, straining to hear the right time.