SF 2008: The 767

Here I am, sitting on a 767-300. Now *this* is a good-sized plane. The jet from Chattanooga was a small CRJ200: about a sixteenth of the space in here, if not less. The weather in Atlanta today appears to be beautiful. Still another 20 minutes of loading up this plane. I scored a window seat and a leisurely boarding. Perhaps the seat next to me will remain empty (the idle fantasy of the seated passenger). Or the supermodel that has been slowed down by her entourage will glide down the aisle, perch on her seat, and lean on my shoulder. Ah yes, the other idle fantasy of the seated airline passenger. (Should I excuse her lateness, based entirely on her looks? The questions abound.) Meanwhile, the seat remains empty. There’s the anticipatory hiss of the air nozzles and the occasional clunk of overhead bins being closed, as our pilot tells us that we’ll be getting underway soon – climbing to 36,000 feet (and, unstated, climbing back down, too) as soon as they finish filling out paperwork and loading cargo.

Next stop, San Francisco!

And yes… I have this mini-row to myself. Sorry, supermodel. Now my legs can stretch.


Atlanta Airport: Playground/Amusement Park

Made it to Atlanta. Roaming around the airport — it’s like an amusement park, especially if you have time (as I have) and if you’re not stressed (which is a state I’m blissfully sliding into: the stress of the last few weeks starting to melt away). As I sit here in the food court munching on a gourmet hot dog and emailing this update to my blog, I consider this: today, this day, is a good day. And I’m not even in San Francisco yet!


To San Francisco (2008)

I’m heading out to San Francisco to wander around that beautiful city, sleep, hang out with King and Gwen, sleep some more, take pictures, read up on Tennessee History, go to Macworld Expo, and so on

Currently sitting in the Chattanooga airport. On schedule perfectly so far. Next stop Atlanta and then winging to the left coast.

More blogging – with pictures and movies – as the week goes by.


Dan at Aquarium

Here’s a tenuous goal of mine: chop up some of the interesting musical performances I’ve shot and upload them to YouTube. Sure, I’ve been doing some of that already, but the goal involves doing much, much more. (Perhaps a new song every week? Every day? Every hour? Ok, ok, once a week is probably within the realm of reality.) With that in mind, here’s a snippet from an outdoor performance I shot last September (back in 2006), featuring Dan Landrum flailing away on his hammer dulcimer in the shadow of the Tennessee Aquarium, and involving his electro-magical gear.


status 7

The Tornado Warning has passed, with no ill effects. A plane is being
re-routed here via South Carolina now that the weather’s settled
down. We’re now supposed to depart around 1 pm EST, from a new gate
only 19 gates away from where we were (and where I was enjoying a
tasty turkey club). A brisk walk later, here we all are at A06. So
far, so good!


status 6

Yay. They’ve announced that the Atlanta airport is under a Tornado Warning
right now. It’s nice when they ask for all passengers to move away from
all windows. (There are, um, a few windows here in the terminal.) So,
Flight 582 is now leaving at 2:05 pm EST, arriving in SF at 5 pm PST. I
guess I’ll grab some lunch (somewhere away from windows). 🙂